Galaxy is designed to offer all operating room staff a simple, practical, secure, user-friendly and immediate tool for managing activities, such as appointments, ID data entry, reporting, control of material used every day in the haemodynamic, interventional and electrophysiology rooms.


The fully TABULAR structure reduces the data input times (where the data are ID, medical history or medical report data) to a minimum and enables all the desired statistics to be obtained quickly and precisely. The fact that it fully satisfies the GISE “Minimun Data Set” does not prevent the user from personalizing both the items entered in the tables used (add, edit, move…), and the layout of the report printed, adding pictures taken from the examination conducted.


The GALAXY STORE application is used to manage the orders, load into the warehouse and unload the material for the patient, to quickly check the batch number and the expiry date of the materials used, all simply by reading the bar code. GALAXY, combined with VEPRO, enables the entire flow of data and images created and that transit through the haemodynamic room to be managed on a single WorkStation, which acts as an authentic technological core!

GALAXY Statistics

​The data collected can also be readily consulted using a special statistics program, which enables the operator to create, save and autonomously manage statistical queries about any type of information entered in the Galaxy tables during the reporting phase. The statistical results, obtained by viewing any information associated with a selected homogeneous group, can be exported to a spreadsheet and used for both scientific and administrative purposes.


GALAXY Query is an application developed to provide users with a “dashboard” from which they can extract specific data and create specific reports on the clinical activity, the use of the devices and the management of the warehouses.