Galaxy was created to offer all room staff a practical, simple, safe, intuitive, immediate instrument to handle activities such as bookings, entering personal data, reporting, controlling devices used in haemo-dynamic, intervention and electro-physiological rooms.

CIS – Galaxy

The totally TABLED structure both reduces data entering times to a minimum (whether it be personal or anamnestic data or concerning a medical report), and allows the user to get quickly and precisely at all statistical information required. The fact that it fully responds to the “Minimum Data Set” of GISE does not stop the user being able to personalise both items entered in the tables used (add, modify, move…) and the printed report layout, adding pictures taken from the examination carried out.

Galaxy STORE

The GALAXY STORE application allows the user to manage orders, load stock and download patient material, to easily check lot number and expiry date of used devices, all by just using the Bar Code. GALAXY, integrated with VEPRO, lets the user handle the entire data and picture flow generated and transiting in the haemo-dynamic room from a single WorkStation, acting as a real, true technological “core”!


Collected data can also be easily consulted using a specific statistics program, enabling the creation, saving and handling of statistical queries on any kind of information entered in the Galaxy tables during reporting. Statistical results obtained by visualising any information associated to a homogeneous group chosen can be exported to calculation sheets and be used for both scientific and administrative purposes.