Our ojective is to satisfy each customer’s needs with innovative products capable of offering:

  • new organizational solutions for improving and optimizing the department’s activities;
  • a significant reduction of management costs;
  • the guarantee of qualified and effective support during the entire product life cycle;
  • Information Technology systems perfectly integrated into hospital systems for the management of diagnostic and interventional bioimages and relative medical reports:
    • PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System)
    • RIS (Radiology Information System)
    • CIS (Cardiology Information System)

Galaxy Kardia

Galaxy was created to offer all room staff a practical, simple, safe, intuitive, immediate instrument to handle activities such as bookings, entering personal data, reporting, controlling devices used in haemo-dynamic, intervention and electro-physiological rooms.

MedImage – VEPRO

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering innovative solutions and the latest technology, integrating the individual departments with hospital systems and enabling simple and secure management of diagnostic imaging devices, interventional and related reporting.