PFO suturing system

Noblestitch EL is a percutaneous PFO closure system.

Three devices provided in a single sterile kit for the release and attachment of sutures in polypropylene 4-0 non-absorbable allow the closure of the PFO in three different steps:

  1. NobleStitch EL ‘S’ places the first suture through the septum secundum
  2. NobleStitch EL ‘P’ places the second suture through the septum primum
  3. The “KwiKnot ™” device allows to close the PFO by fixing the suture with a small knot

The advantages of using Noblestitch EL treating PFO are:

  • No metallic device implanted
  • Not required antiplatelet therapy or other medical treatment
  • No risk of dislocation and erosion
  • Low risk of thrombosis
  • Allows future transseptal procedures