Jointless Coil

The spiral (coil) in the distal part of the guide wire has a unique structure that allows gradual and seamless transition from steel to platinum.

This feature provides excellent control of the rotation of the guide wire, due to the even flexibility along the coil.

Double Coil Guide Wires

Thanks to the second coil inserted inside the first, the new technology Asahi double coil allows to significantly improve the twist control and to minimize the deterioration of the tip. (Sion, Sion Blue, Xt-a, Xt-r).


  • Superior performance in the transmission of torque even in extreme tortuous vessels
  • Excellent resistance of the tip with exceptional preservation of the curve


The different types of coatings of the coil and the shaft (hydrophobic, hydrophilic, polymeric) offer excellent smoothness, precise control and safe driving.
The combination of the various characteristics allows to have a range of guide wires adapted to each type of lesion.