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Our services are especially intended for hospital and healthcare facilities that wish to make a new interventional or outpatient diagnostic activity operational and efficient in a short amount of time.

Through a Global Management contract, Kardia is able, quickly and without initial investments:

  • to design and realize the building structures and plant systems necessary for the new activity based on the specific needs and in full conformity with all regulatory standards;
  • to install the necessary technologies and to provide the relative application, preventive maintenance, and technical support;
  • to provide all necessary medical devices, with a broad range of choices and adequate inventories as a function of work loads;
  • to provide for the clinical updating of the department’s medical and paramedic personnel;
  • upon request, to supplement activities with medical and paramedic personnel for operational support.

In 1998 Kardia was the first company in Italy to enter into this type of contract with a public structure, Sant’Annunziata Hospital of Savigliano, for the realization of its new department of Interventional Cardiology.


Skilled designers in the hospital sector realize the project of building works, mechanical and plant engineering, depending on the needs, the availability of space, and the technology to install.
The close collaboration between the designers and health and safety personnel ensures compliance with all laws and regulations relating to radiation protection and safety in the workplace.


Kardia coordinates and ensure the work of companies with proven experience in the implementation of hospital departments that are able, in a very short time, to turn the project into reality.


The organization of Kardia allows operators to always have an adequate supply of the wide range of preferred medical products. The staff of Kardia is responsible for inventory management, and product support activities.