A company founded on solid principles

Kardia was founded in 1995 by a managerial staff of consolidated experience gained in multinational companies.
Our mission is based on three key principles:

  • a desire to excel in our sector;
  • always searching for the best solution to offer our customers;
  • only operate in a highly professional way;

Flexibility, deep knowledge of every situation and its specific needs, selection of reliable partners, and predisposition for innovation, and creativity are our tools. This way of thinking and working has always allowed us to be a company with a strong, continuous growth.


In fact, quality is not merely an accessory element of a product or service, but a frame of mind: a constant dedication to achieving excellence in every company process.
Quality is also a process of continuous self-improvement. The constant verification of our abilities and the careful evaluation of what is being produced are the means for improving the quality of products and services.
Kardia complies with ISO 9001:2008 standard in all its design, support and sales activities.

Certificato CSQ
International Certification Network


Kardia is present throughout Italy with an extensive sales network who works with enthusiasm and professionalism in their sectors of competence.
A technical support network, provides customers with timely on-site service, thanks to an initial remote telecommunications analysis carried out at the operations center.

Our specialists take responsibility for the total operation of the system, from installation to the training of the operators.